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We believe in a world where everyone can do good.

For us, companies are the the biggest leverage to a better world

That's why lets' mission is to help companies use their diverse and valuable resources to make the world a better and more sustainable place. lets is an employee engagement platform that empowers companies to make an impact with good deeds. It's how we build a community of changemakers in businesses and the world.

Lets do good better .

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Our principles for a better tomorrow

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Only together can we improve the world.

Achieving great things with the right steps.

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"Together we can and want to create great things and are already looking forward to many great joint projects."
"From my own experience, I can confirm how strongly volunteering motivates employees at the company level and strengthens identification."
Our team

Together behind our mission

Ludwig Petersen
Founder & Managing Director
Paul Bäumler
Niclas Glaser
Business Development & Operations
Eva Podebradsky
Partnership Manager
Stephanie Haberl
Customer Success Manager
Dmitriy Butovskiy
Lead Developer
Mokhtar Megherbi
Full-Stack Developer
Roman Zhydyk
Full-Stack Developer
Artur Gomes
Full-Stack Developer
Istvan Palfy
SCRUM Master
Niclas Wastian
Product Manager
Leading by example

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Paul Bäumler and Ludwig Petersen

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