Social Week

A week full of good deeds.
Over a set period of time, usually between 3-6 days, 45 to 100 employees join together at different locations to participate in selected social projects. This week provides a platform to act collectively, support society and leave a lasting impact. In this way, Social Week perfectly reflects your company' s commitment and values.

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The Social Week from lets.
Commitment that counts.
Research and organization
Together we determine the timeframe and scope of your Social Week, typically comprising 3-6 projects within a maximum of 10 days. We then use our extensive network to find the ideal projects that are precisely tailored to the needs and values of your company.
Software and communication
Our advanced platform enables flexible digital participation and efficient communication, all presented in individual company branding to strengthen the sense of community.
Implementation and evaluation
We guarantee a professional implementation and continuous impact monitoring of the Social Week, rounded off by a detailed evaluation to measure and ensure success.

A look ahead:
A week that your employees will love.

Environmental protection project in Berlin
Monday, 10:00-16:00
Participants in a project during a Social Week
Raising awareness of environmental issues and creating a greener urban space.
Participants of a project for education at a Social Week
Promoting equal opportunities in education and strengthening digital skills
Educational project in Munich
Tuesday, 9:00-17:30
Children's project in Hamburg
Wednesday, 12:00-18:00
Participants in a project for children at a Social Week
Encouraging creativity in children
Participants in a project for animals at a Social Week
Improving the living conditions of animals in shelters
Project for animals in Frankfurt
Thursday, 10:30-14:00
Project against poverty in Düsseldorf
Friday, 8:00-13:00
Participants in an anti-poverty project at a Social Week
Contribution to the reduction of food waste and support for people in financial need.
Impact Tracking
Directly measurable impact?
Social Weeks in recent years

Pictures speak more than 1000 words

Happy employees at a corporate volunteering project
Happy employees at a corporate volunteering project
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