For us, data protection and security are a matter of course

lets is based on state-of-the-art technology to ensure maximum protection for you and your data. For this reason, all data transmissions are SSL-encrypted and data is only stored on German servers.

Data encryption

The data is encrypted with Transport Level Security (TSL) during transmission between us and your browser.

Server location Germany

All data is stored exclusively on German servers. This means we are subject to strict data protection regulations - and we think that's a good thing!

DSGVO compliant

lets is DSGVO compliant and built to facilitate privacy protection through simple design and clear privacy policies and features. This way, you as a user are always in control of your data.

ISO certified data centres

Our data centres are ISO-certified and therefore independently rated as secure.

Data economy

We always try to store as little data as possible so that a great user experience is still possible, but no data is stored without meaning.

Control over data

You can decide yourself which data you want to publish and which data you prefer to share personally.

Two factor authentication

Decide whether you want to use our two-factor authentication when logging in. A second code is sent and requested via SMS when you log in.

Code scans and pentests

To ensure the security of your data, we subject our systems to regular code scans and pentests. This ensures that we don't miss a single detail.