Corporate Giving

Donate as a company.
Easier than ever.

Minimum effort
You provide the budget, which we divide up among your employees. The employees donate to their favorite projects and you then receive a collected donation receipt with all the projects helped.
100% Individual
Your employees can decide 100% individually where their share of the corporate donation should go. A project for animals? For the environment? Or perhaps for children? No problem with corporate giving with lets.
Real added value
All our donation projects are first verified by our partner betterplace and then again by us. This gives us a selection of qualitative projects where the corporate donation is used for real added value.

Donate as a company in just three steps

Step 1

Provide and distribute budget

As a company, you provide the budget and donate it to our registered association letsact, which manages the donations 100% transparently. From this budget you can decide how much ends up in the virtual employee wallets
See your allocated enterprise budget
Distribute the budget among your employees
Step 2

Employees receive their budget and donate to heart projects

Your employees get the individual budget in their Lets Wallet and can use it to donate to projects that are close to their hearts.
Employees see their individual share of the corporate donation
Employee wallet with the donation budget provided by the company
Select, FIlter and discover different donation projects for corporate donations
Overview of a donation project
Success of a donation project
Step 3

‍Making a big difference

In the name of your company, we donate to your employees' favorite projects. You will receive an overall donation receipt including all projects and organizations to which donations were made.

With the Impact Dashboard always and at any time everything in view
Evaluation of corporate donations in the Corporate Giving Dashboard
Full donation receipt for your corporate donation

Our donation projects

Where help is needed.
Donation projects you can trust.
Through our partner betterplace, we only include selected projects in our platform. This means for you and your employees: Donation projects of the highest quality with real impact.
Corporate giving projects at lets
Your projects. Your rules.
Upload your own projects that fit your corporate culture. With our intuitive user interface, your fundraising project is ready to make the world a better place in 5 minutes.
Successful project created
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See lets in action

Join our social impact expert Niclas to discover how lets could improve your employee engagement.
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