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What user roles are there at lets?

With lets there are 2 user roles: Impact Heroes (Admins) & Employees. Impact Heroes can set up projects and manage the company's settings. Employees can only see and participate in projects.

What integrations does lets offer?

Lets currently offers integrations to Teams and Slack. You can find more information in the settings under Integrations. If you have any questions, please contact

Can my employer see how much I am involved?

The admins of your company's lets platform can only view cumulative data in the dashboard, e.g. number of hours, number of projects, number of participants, etc. There is no exportable list that ranks or displays individual names. Only in the project view itself can an admin see the individual participants.

Where can I see my own impact?

When you are logged in to lets and click on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner, you will see your own personal dashboard: the number of projects you have participated in, the number of hours and the number of different categories you have supported.

What engagement opportunities are there?

On the platform, you can create your own projects or access our unique project database with thousands of current engagement opportunities from non-profit associations. It is possible to get involved on a one-off or regular basis in groups or individually, on site or from home. In short, there is something for everyone.

Who reviews the projects?

A clean project database is close to our hearts. That is why all organisations undergo a "social checkup" during registration. Our team checks the non-profit status, contact persons and other information of the organisation. In this way, we ensure that your corporate commitment benefits charitable causes at all times.

Can you create your own projects?

Yes, projects can be created for your own employees. Employees can also propose projects.

Are there different roles within the tool?

The available roles include, among others, employee, CSR manager, moderator and can be expanded and configured in different ways depending on the version.

Is the data encrypted?

Our top priority is that you feel safe with us. That's why all data is 256-bit encrypted. You can find out more about data security here.

Where are the servers that lets use?

All our servers are located within Germany and comply with the latest security standards.

Is the platform DSGVO compliant?

lets meets all current DSGVO requirements.

Is there a possibility to host the platform?

On request, you can run the platform on your own servers in our Pro version.

Is it possible to brand the platform with your own branding?

Yes, within our Pro version you can get your own branding as well as your own domain.

Can you get your own mobile app?

Our own mobile app is part of our pro version. The web version is available in the free version. This can also be used from a smartphone.

Are there lets in different languages?

Yes, of course! Currently we are fully available in English and German and on request in many other languages.

Is lets also active beyond Germany?

lets can be used worldwide. However, the majority of our partners (and thus projects) are currently based in Germany. But this does not stop you from starting your own projects worldwide and using lets with your own projects internationally.

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