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Corporate Volunteering with lets
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Get active yourself or create your own projects and events. Whether joint team events for a good cause or personal commitment of an employee - with us you can get started anytime and anywhere.

Active Volunteering Opportunities
More than
Validated Non-Profits
Support projects locally or around the world with lets

With our donation tool, you can easily support charitable initiatives and organizations. Have employees donate on behalf of your company or collect together on ad-hoc occasions. Best of all, if you wish, you can receive just one receipt for all your micro-donations.

That little extra in your corporate culture
That little extra in your corporate culture

Give your corporate culture a whole new social dimension! Employees and teams network on the platform and exchange ideas about projects. Plan events together and report on successful events. Continue to grow together as a team and a company.

lets services
We accompany you on your journey

Whether you are just starting out or already have some experience with corporate volunteering and giving. lets helps you to get to that next level. We offer you advice on strategy development for effective engagement and find suitable projects and deployment opportunities for you. We are happy to take over the planning, organization and implementation of your Social Days.

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Features and tools

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Impact Dashboard
Good deeds become measurable
Project creation
Make the projects your own
Project overview
Everything at aglance
Project Matching
A perfect match
for everyone
One-Click Participation
Join volunteering opportunities with one click.
Employees Wallet
Top up the wallet of their employees and leave the decision to them
Corporate donations
Support your heart projects as a company
Worldwide donation database
Donate no matter where, when and how much
Collect for the most personal projects there are: Your own
Get in touch
Company Feed
Together you can move more
Push notifications
Updates in real time
User profiles
So that everyone has its
Strategy Consulting
Reach the next level with us
Social Events Planning
When you don 't have time
for planning
Training & Workshops
There is always something new to learn
lets Academy
Our knowledge, collected
in one place
Our happy partners

Sometimes you should
not only listen tous

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Martin Gräfer
Member of the Board of die Bayerische

"Together we can and want to create great things and are already looking forward to many great joint projects."

Uwe Marth

"lets unites volunteers with projects that make our society a better place. As a brand of sustainable future provision, we feel very committed to this vision. From my own experience, I can confirm how strongly volunteering motivates employees at the corporate level and strengthens identification.

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