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Corporate volunteering with lets is the new solution for reaching, retaining and sustainably motivating employees and talent.
What is corporate volunteering anyway?
Happier and more motivated employees
Through corporate volunteering with lets, your employees are happier, feel more connected to your company and are therefore more motivated.
Easy access to thousands of nonprofits
Easily get in touch with over 2500 vetted non-profit partners and over 3000 projects nationwide.
Save time and resources
Manage all volunteer initiatives, communications and staff in one place. This lets you focus on what really matters: Doing good.
One of the biggest advantages of corporate volunteering is the ability to make the social and environmental impact quantifiable. With lets, you can see the success of your projects in real time and use this data to further optimize your CSR initiatives.
Meaningful corporate culture
Show your corporate values in action when it comes to social responsibility. By doing so, you'll win over the growing number of employees looking for meaningful work and a values-driven corporate culture.

Corporate VOlunteering

Employee engagement made easy
Lets exists for a reason: to simplify everything about employee engagement for you. It makes your company-wide corporate volunteering initiative successful.
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Your interface to the non-profit world

Find projects that fit you exactly. Whether for animals, children or the environment - a better world is always just a click away with lets.

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Making a difference with your own projects

All your previous corporate volunteering projects in one place. And a few more.

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Create your own projects
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Send reminders and urgent calls
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Super easy to manage employee engagement
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Everything at a glance with the Impact Dashboard

Hours, projects, engaged employees and more: Everything directly visible with the exportable real-time dashboard

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Automatically created for you
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All data easily exportable
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Keeping track in real time
The lets Impact Dashboard with data on employee engagement, projects and donations
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Make social sustainability a corporate culture

Employees inspire and motivate each other to work together to improve the world.

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Invite colleagues to projects
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Share project highlights in the community
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Inspire each other through engaging in the community function
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"So far, there is no comparable tool that brings so many people together for employee engagement."

Social sustainability as a business case

Doing good and saving costs at the same time?

1.4 million €

socially responsible companies save on average


more motivation and performance


less fluctuation


fewer days absent
In Good Company

Become part of the lets universe.

"Together we can and want to create great things and are already looking forward to many great joint projects."
"From my own experience, I can confirm how strongly volunteering motivates employees at the company level and strengthens identification."
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Frequently asked questions
You have questions?
We have the answers!
Why do companies get involved with corporate volunteering?

Companies rely on corporate volunteering to achieve measurable social impact and fulfill their responsibility to society (corporate social responsibility). This promotes social sustainability and strengthens employer branding. This creates a positive corporate image that both retains employees and attracts new talent who value social engagement. Deepen your knowledge with our blog article on corporate volunteering.

How can companies get involved?

Companies can get involved with lets through volunteering and donations. We offer an extensive project database with NPOs and projects from all over Germany. This allows each company to select the projects that best match its interests and skills and thus contribute to social sustainability. More information on how lets make your corporate volunteering successful is available here.

For which size of company is lets suitable?

Lets is aimed at companies of all sizes that want to become socially active. Our platform flexibly adapts to the different needs and capacities of companies, regardless of whether they are a small start-up or a large corporation.

Can I use lets to find a project for a social day?

Yes, it is possible! Lets is great for finding the right project for your Social Day. We will assist you in finding and planning the appropriate project. Please contact us and together we will implement your corporate engagement in a meaningful and effective way.

How does lets ensure data protection?

Data security is of utmost importance to us at lets. All data is stored on servers in Germany to meet strict data protection standards. To ensure fair treatment of all users, we do not evaluate personal data. All information is anonymized and presented only at the company level. For further information, please visit our data center.

Since when does lets exist?

Lets was launched in 2018 by Paul Bäumler and Ludwig Petersen. Since 2021, Bayerische and Fonds Finanz have supported us in making corporate volunteering and social sustainability as easy as possible for companies. Want to get to know us better? Take a look at our About Us page or take the initiative and contact us.

What do I need to do to learn more about engagement with lets?

To learn more about lets and the opportunities for your corporate engagement, we offer several options. You can call us directly at +49 89 35647986 or simply contact us at www.joinlets.de/demo-anfordern. This way we can better understand your individual wishes and needs, present our offers to you in detail and together put together the engagement package that is right for you.

Which companies are already using lets?

More than 5,000 company employees, including board members and executives from PWC Financial Services, immowelt, Bayerische and Fonds Finanz, already use lets for their corporate volunteering. Since the launch of our platform, these companies have contributed over 4,000 volunteering hours, making a significant social impact. Read more about these success stories on our website.


One platform.
Infinite possibilities.
Find projects and inform at a glance
Project details page
Create your own projects
Project creation
Participate with one click
See the success and impact of the company's engagement in real time
Impact tracking
Tracking special leave days
Managing special leave days for corporate volunteering projects
Top up the wallet of their employees and leave the decision to them
Support your heart projects as a company
Donate with our worldwide database no matter where, when and how much
Collect for the best projects there are: Your own
Get and stay in touch with the project chat
Inspire each other in your impact community
Stay up to date with our Impact Notifications
allow everyone to focus on their topics
Schedule demo call

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