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Cooking together and serving food to the needy

Volunteer part-time to prepare and serve meals to people in need.

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By providing hot meals to people in need, we not only create basic sustenance, but also moments of warmth and humanity. This half-day program offers the opportunity to get hands-on - from carefully preparing the food to warmly serving it to our fellow human beings. Our volunteers are at the heart of our mission, contributing their time, their cooking skills and, above all, their empathy.

Meals are prepared in an atmosphere of collaboration and community involvement. Under the guidance of experienced chefs, volunteers come together to create nutritious and tasty meals. These moments of cooking together are characterized by learning opportunities and the sharing of experiences, creating a unique community united by the common goal of leaving no one hungry.

With the subsequent food distribution, we build a bridge to those who need our support the most. This direct contact not only allows us to provide essential meals to those in need, but also to share a smile and give hope. It is an opportunity to show humanity and realize that by serving others, we also enrich ourselves.

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