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Social Day: An Advent afternoon at the retirement home

Social Day: an advent afternoon at the retirement home

A good way to organize a Social Day is to spend a day or afternoon at a retirement home. Many caregivers simply do not have the time to spend more time with the residents of a retirement home and are therefore dependent on volunteers. They are happy about any support, mostly in the form of a regular commitment, but also in the context of social days. More and more senior citizens' homes are entering into partnerships with companies and organizing Social Days as part of corporate volunteering activities.

Our partners Fonds Finanz and Bayerische have been offering their employees special leave for volunteering for a number of years and plan this using our Corporate Volunteering Tool lets.

Afternoons at senior citizens' homes have already been offered and carried out on several occasions, and in November 2022 we once again went to a senior citizens' home in Munich to plan an Advent afternoon with around 20 senior citizens in coordination with the local volunteer coordinator.
A total of 13 employees from both companies registered for this Social Day.

After taking Corona tests, everyone was allowed to enter the house. After a short introduction to the house and the residents, everyone gathered in a lounge that was already beautifully decorated for Christmas. Here the tasks were distributed. Some went to fetch the residents from their rooms, others took care of the music and the next set the table. Little by little, more and more seniors were looking forward to a Christmas afternoon with new faces. Some of the staff started to bake waffles and others poured coffee. Small groups formed and people talked about God and the world. Christmas stories were read, games were played, songs were sung and even a 90-year-old resident played the harmonica. All in all, it was a very successful afternoon with many smiling and happy faces. And everyone was sure: they will be back at the next Social Day at the retirement home!

The Corporate Volunteering Team at Fonds FinanzChristmas decoration at the Social Day at the retirement homeVolunteers at the Social Day

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