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Clean Up with 1860, Bayerische & Pangaea Life

Fans, employees and players - together they did something for our environment and collected garbage along the Isar in Munich.
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Alternating clouds and sun, wind and even sleet - and yet around 60 committed participants gathered full of energy and drive - this is how our clean-up project on the Isar in Munich began on April 25, 2024.

TSV 1860 organized a sustainability week at the end of April, with each day focusing on a different sustainability topic. In lets, they had found exactly the right partner to address the issue of waste and organize a clean-up on the Isar. Employees of Bayerische Versicherung and Pangeae Life, players and employees of TSV 1860 Munich as well as dedicated fans took part and made a significant contribution to our environment with their commitment and energy.

Our aim? "To highlight the long-term effects of waste and give everyone the opportunity to actively do something about the littering of our city. At the same time, everyone involved benefits from the promotion of employee engagement and volunteering," says Ludwig Petersen, founder of lets.

The group was split into different teams to playfully compete against each other and clear public areas along the Isar of litter. With every piece of garbage that was collected, the participants set a strong example for nature conservation and the importance of our actions for a sustainable future.

The teams were able to clear the area of countless cigarette butts, bottle caps and other garbage. It really was an incredible (sad) amount, as you can see in the photos here. This should wake us all up so that we can contribute even more actively to packing up the garbage after a nice barbecue afternoon, including the cigarette butts and bottle caps. During the campaign, we came across several ducks that were always trying to eat the butts, which can have serious consequences for the animals. Not to mention the pollution of the water by a single cigarette butt. We need to tackle this together!

The winning team with the most fags and corn corks was allowed to take part in a small prize draw organized by TSV 1860. The prizes were tickets for the home derby between TSV 1860 and Unterhaching on the same evening.

Ludwig Petersen succeeded in making the day an unforgettable experience with his playful explanation and motivating manner.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all participants and partners for this great day full of teamwork and positive energy. Let's continue to do good together and protect our environment sustainably.

And if you would like a clean-up now, just get in touch with us. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities of lets in a short initial consultation.

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