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The first 3 months at Lets: A journey through the corporate volunteering universe

Lets is an innovative online platform that introduces companies to the world of corporate volunteering and provides intensive support.
Corporate Volunteering
Social sustainability

Lets is an innovative online platform that introduces companies to the world of corporate volunteering. If you decide to use Lets, you can expect not only the platform as a purely technical solution, but also intensive support from our employees. The holistic support accompanies your company on the way to a successful and sustainable corporate volunteering program. Let's take a look at what you can expect in this exciting initial phase.

1. personal support through regular check-ins:

The key to success lies in personal support with a particular focus on onboarding. At Lets, you will be supported by experienced employees who conduct regular check-ins. These personal meetings are not only used to discuss any challenges, but also to ensure that your corporate volunteering program is having the desired impact.

2. get to know tools:

In the first few weeks, you will not only learn the basics of Lets, but also receive training on how to use the tool efficiently. These hands-on training sessions not only help you to use the platform effectively, but also enable your employees to get the most out of corporate volunteering.

3. strategic consulting for sustainable success:

Lets goes beyond mere platform use and offers you strategic advice. The experts are at your side to help you establish your corporate volunteering program sustainably and with long-term impact in your company. Together, you will work out ways to increase your employees' commitment while keeping an eye on your corporate goals.

4. communication as the key to success:

‍Asuccessful corporate volunteering program requires not only internal but also external communication. How do you communicate effectively both internally and externally in order to realize the full potential of your commitment? At Lets, you not only receive support with internal communication, but also tips on how to communicate your social commitment to the outside world in order to maximize your impact on society.

5. together for a better future:

‍Letsis not just a platform, but a community of companies committed to a better future. In the first three months at Lets, you become part of this network where ideas are shared, experiences are exchanged and positive change is worked on together.

6. long-term support for sustainable success:

Lets' support does not stop after the first three months. The commitment to the success of your corporate volunteering program goes far beyond that. Lets' support staff will continue to be by your side to ensure that your program not only gets off to a successful start, but also thrives in the long term. No matter what challenges or questions arise, the Lets team will be on hand to provide advice and support to ensure your organization is making a positive impact in the community while meeting internal goals. Lets isn't just about getting started, it's about a partnership journey for lasting positive change.

The first three months at Lets are not just an introduction to a platform, but a journey that will guide your company towards a sustainable corporate volunteering program. With personalized support, training, strategic advice and effective communication, Lets gives you all the tools you need to leave a lasting impact in the community.

Let's make a difference together and shape the future. Welcome to Lets!

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