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A hybrid Christmas event with a heart: Getsafe and lets set an example for corporate giving

Companies are finding ever more creative ways to connect their employees and do good at the same time. One notable example is getsafe.
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A hybrid Christmas event with a heart: Getsafe and lets set an example for corporate giving

Companies are finding ever more creative ways to connect their employees and do good at the same time. One notable example is the company getsafe, which organized a hybrid Christmas party in December 2023 that not only created a festive atmosphere, but also served a deeper purpose.

At the end of 2023, getsafe had the idea of letting its employees decide where the company's annual donations should go. During the Christmas party, employees should be able to find out about various donation projects and decide directly where the money should go. However, the implementation of such a donation event presented getsafe with a major challenge. How to bring together employees who were once on site and once in the home office for such a project, offer donation projects and carry out the financial aspects logistically: lets has the answer here with its corporate giving platform. Employees can register on the platform from anywhere, receive a donation budget set by their employer in their personal wallet and can choose how many euros should go where from hundreds of projects. The live feed shows employees' donations in real time and a dashboard clearly displays a ranking list of the most popular projects.

Getsafe provided €7770 in donations for this event and provided the online platforms on which 259 Getsafe employees were able to register during the Christmas party.

What made this evening so special was the fact that each employee received a virtual wallet, i.e. a personal donation balance filled with €30, when they registered. They could donate this sum at their own discretion and in any individual amounts to charities and non-profit organizations that they found via lets.

The evening was a complete success. 7770€ was distributed to a total of 80 different projects. The top 3 projects were

  1. One Earth - One ocean e.V. - Fishing plastic waste out of the sea and recycling it
  2. Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk - a meal for children
  3. SOS - Children's Villages - Support for Ukrainian families

But apart from the festive atmosphere, what does such an event achieve? Corporate giving, i.e. the philanthropic commitment of companies, contributes to a positive corporate culture by offering employees an opportunity to actively participate in the community and make a contribution.

By participating in such an event, employees not only feel more connected to their employer, but also to society as a whole. It shows that the company is not only interested in making a profit, but also in having a positive impact on the world.

In addition, corporate giving can also help to improve the company's image and strengthen brand loyalty. If employees are proud to work for a company that actively supports social and charitable causes, they are more likely to support the company's goals and values.

Overall, the hybrid Christmas party organized by getsafe and lets was not only a celebration of joy and togetherness, but also an example of how companies can make a positive contribution to society through corporate giving. It is a sign that companies should not only maximize profits, but can also take responsibility for the world in which they operate.

Would you also like to organize such a live-giving event and let your employees decide where donations should go? Then simply contact us directly. We will help you find the right tool for your sustainable team event.

In addition, lets also offers the option of introducing corporate giving throughout the year as an employee benefit, so to speak. Employees receive a donation budget throughout the year and can donate it to their favorite projects of their choice.

Or would you prefer a social team event such as a social week or corporate volunteering? Arrange an initial consultation. We will be happy to advise you on our offers.

Let's make the world a little better together!

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