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Field report Social Day: A day with the children of the Arche

Find out here how such a Social Day works with the children of the Ark and how the day was for Oliver!
Field report
Corporate Volunteering

The Social Day at the Arche usually runs as follows: after a short meeting of all participants and the responsible persons at the Arche, the tasks for this Social Day are distributed.

These can vary from day to day, because you never know what's coming up the next day. For example, donations have to be sorted, playground equipment has to be repaired or the room has to be prepared for the joint lunch.

In the late morning, the first children arrive from school. Now individual Social Day employees can support the children with homework help.

After lunch, the children build Lego, do puzzles or play soccer outside. Depending on what the children are in the mood for.

At the end, the Social Day at the Arche is then concluded with a joint feedback session.

Oliver from Fonds Finanz tells us here how he experienced the Social Day with the children of the Arche and what was special for him.

Why did you participate in the project?

- I think it is important to do voluntary work

- The Ark is a project very worthy of support

What did you like most about it?

- The contact persons in the Ark were very well prepared

- The distribution of tasks was well organized so that no one had "idle time" and our time could be used wisely

- The children were very open and immediately included us in their day

- I have received one day of special leave for my commitment

- I got to know colleagues from other departments

Employees eat together with the children on Social Day
Having lunch together at the Social Day.

What did you maybe not like so much?

- I really can't think of anything

How important is volunteering to you?

- I am aware that I lead a privileged life and would like to give something back

What do you take away from the project?

- The Ark is a very valuable project that deserves all support

- Children need more support

- I will definitely be there again next time

An employee at play on Social Day

3 words that best describe your volunteering experience?

- Meaningful

- Fun

- Networking

Anything else you want to get off your chest?

- Thanks for the opportunity!

Employees help build a basketball hoop at Social Day
Employees at the Social Day
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