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Field report Social Day: Support in an animal sanctuary

Andrea spent her Social Day in an animal sanctuary. A day full of new impressions and experiences. Read for yourself what she experienced.
Field report

Why did you participate in the project?

I have never participated in a volunteer project before and wanted to try it out. Since animals are very important to me personally, I found the project to support at the Gnadenhof very appealing and wanted to participate.


What did you like most about it?

You could really feel how the animals liked it that you took care of their stable and enclosure. The goats were a bit suspicious, but at the latest the horses came to get a stroke or two.

The weather also played into our cards, not too warm, but cloudy without rain. Perfect for the strenuous work.

It was also nice to get to know my colleagues a little better. You see each other from time to time in the hallway, but by working together on a project across departments, you get closer personally.


What did you maybe not like so much?

In the meantime, I had the feeling that the employees could do the work faster and more effectively on their own. That was a bit demotivating.


How important is volunteering to you?

Since I have not volunteered before, this was my first experience with it and I can imagine asking privately at the estate if they need assistance on the weekend.

What do you take away from the project?

How much fun physically demanding work can be and the joy of having helped the animals a little.

3 words that best describe your volunteering experience?

Simple, fulfilling, collaborative


Anything else you want to get off your chest?

It's great that we have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of social projects through Lets, there's something for everyone! I will definitely sign up for subsequent projects.

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Field report

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