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Field report: An afternoon in a retirement home

Corporate volunteering at a retirement home. Irmi reports on her experience and impressions of a special afternoon.
Field report

Field report: Walk, coffee & cake with seniors

‍Nameof the project: Walk, Coffee & Cake with Seniors

‍Date: 13.04.2022

Name: Irmi Dietmair

Why did you participate in the project?

I've always had close contact with older people, whether it was grandma or grandpa, an older lady in town who always looked out for me, or when I was in school, the volunteer afternoons at the retirement home. It's so important to always provide a little variety at the senior home, make new contacts, just spend time together and share stories. That usually has more of an effect on the seniors than you might think. I therefore very much appreciate the work of volunteers in the retirement home and like to come more often!

What did you like most about it?

The lady with whom I was allowed to spend the afternoon told me her stories from the beginning about every 10 minutes. But it was nice to see that despite her dementia, she had not lost her zest for life and told me about her life again and again with pride and joy.

What did you maybe not like so much?

There wasn't a single point that I didn't like - but it's true that you come home and have a depressing feeling. Growing old is not always nice, illnesses are brought before your eyes, you often have to tell the residents the same thing 20 times, a lot of patience is required and above all stamina. You see how the staff cares for the residents with so much love despite difficult circumstances, and that's why I think much more value should be placed on this important work.

How important is volunteering to you?

Very important! Often, institutions, associations, aid organizations, etc. simply depend on it. I myself am permanently involved in private volunteering and grew up with a father who was a volunteer paramedic for over 40 years. I was practically born with it in my cradle 😉 .

What do you take away from the project?

One appreciates health and time with loved ones again. This is often lost in everyday life...


3 words that best describe your volunteering experience?

grateful - loving - appreciative (towards the work of the caregivers)


Anything else you want to get off your chest?

Simply super and above all important when voluntary commitment is also possible and supported via the employer!!! 🤍

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