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Growing together: My Social Day at the Frida Kahlo House

Rosalia and her team recently took part in a gardening project at the Frida Kahlo House in Cologne to get the garden ready for spring.
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Rosalia and her team recently took part in a gardening project at the Frida Kahlo Haus in Cologne to get the garden ready for spring and get stuck in. The aim of the project was not only to make the surroundings more beautiful, but also to create a feel-good place for the residents for the coming months. The facility offers people between the ages of 18 and 50 who are confronted with an illness, accident or disability the opportunity to redesign their living space with the necessary support and find a new quality of life. The heartfelt gratitude of the local staff and the positive energy during the day touched her deeply and motivates her to continue being active. This experience has strengthened her conviction that each individual can make a difference, and she is already looking forward to her next social commitment.

Why did you participate in the project?

‍Ourteam was the first at Admiral Direkt this year and we knew that we would like to implement a project directly for people. We wanted to invest our time and energy in something worthwhile and we were able to do just that with the garden beautification at the Frida Kahlo House.

What did you like most about it?

‍Iwas impressed by how the mood among my colleagues changed over the course of the day. Despite the initially cold and wet weather, we worked together to get the garden ready for spring. The atmosphere became warmer by the minute and it was nice to see how we worked together as a team to do something good. I was particularly touched by the gratitude of the local person in charge, who was very happy to have our support with the project.

What did you maybe not like so much?

‍Ithink it would have been an enriching experience to interact in person with the people we were trying to help. At the same time, every member of our team was able to understand that such an "invasion of everyday life" for a short time causes more stress than positive feelings for the residents of the facility - but perhaps in the future there will be an opportunity to make this direct connection in a different context.

What do you personally take away from the project?

‍Forme personally, this project was a first in the field of volunteering. I am proud that I decided to give my time to a good cause and it was incredibly satisfying to see how my efforts had a direct positive impact. I would like to experience this feeling of fulfillment and togetherness more often in the future.

3 words that best describe your volunteering experience?

‍Successful, exhausting, fun

Is there anything else you would like to say?

‍Iam already looking forward to future projects and the opportunity to continue making a contribution to our society with lets. I also think it would be great to find more time for such valuable projects in my private life.

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