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Social Day - biotope maintenance, a field report

Fonds Finanz employees spent a day in Perlacher Forst as a social day. This involved helping to maintain the biotope.
Field report
Corporate Volunteering

Name of the project: We free the Perlacher Forst

Date: July 18, 2023

Name: Barbara K.

Why did you take part in the Social Day project?

I took part in the Gnadenhof project last time, which I really enjoyed, and this time I wanted to take part in another project where you are active outside and do something in motion that I don't usually have in front of the computer.

What did you like most about it?

I really liked the fact that the project is supervised by several volunteers from the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation who regularly take part in it. In various conversations throughout the day, they told me more about their regular work there.

It's also great that we work together with colleagues from other departments on projects. Everyone is there voluntarily and open to doing the work that needs to be done.

What did you maybe not like so much?

My journey there was a bit long, but that's not the fault of the project planner, contact person or Perlacher Forst.

How important is volunteering to you?

It is very important to me to have the opportunity to do at least some voluntary work. When I was at school, I went to the animal shelter every Saturday for ten years to help out. Since I started working, I can no longer find that much time. That's why one-off projects like this are really nice and always motivate me to find a voluntary activity where I can help out on a regular basis.

What do you take away from the project?

I learned more about the managed areas in Perlacher Forst through the discussions with the volunteers of the Bundes Naturschutz. The volunteers reported on the developments that can already be seen in the Perlacher Forst area and that rare animals can be observed there. Knowing the overarching idea motivated me to do even the smallest task on the project day.

3 words that best describe your volunteering experience?

Plucking - Pond - Neophytes

Anything else you want to get off your chest?

It's really great that we get the special leave and that my team lead has allowed me to take part in the project. Access to the projects is so good and easy for us - I'm looking forward to the upcoming offers!

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