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Social Day: A day full of reading pleasure and creative stories

Melanie talks about her volunteer work reading with children. She tells us why she volunteers & why Social Days are so important.
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Why did you take part in the Social Day project?

‍Idecided to become a reading mentor at LeseLust e.V. because I have always had a passion for reading and the diverse worlds of stories in my favorite books. The idea of getting children excited about stories and encouraging their imagination immediately appealed to me. When I heard about the work of LeseLust e.V., I knew I wanted to contribute to their wonderful mission. However, before being let loose on the children, every reading mentor takes part in a basic workshop - which I have now also attended.

What did you like most about it?

‍Iwas particularly impressed by the variety of topics and activities that we experienced on this day. From breathing and voice exercises to reading aloud techniques and the creation of a lively reading lesson, everything was included. The employees of LeseLust e.V. created an inspiring atmosphere with their creativity and dedication. The preparation workshop for this task showed me how much thought you need to put into it and what it takes to be a good reading mentor in an institution.

What did you maybe not like so much?

‍Theday as a whole was very informative and inspiring - for the future, I would like to see even more focus on topics and books that exemplify and convey diversity, inclusion and equality.

How important is volunteering to you?

‍Volunteeringis very important to me personally, as I believe that we can all make a contribution to making the world a better place. It's nice to see how small actions can bring about big changes. For me, children are our future, so commitment in this area is particularly important to me. But I also campaign against food waste and for equal rights.

What do you take away from the project?

‍Itwas a wonderful experience and I am now really looking forward to my regular commitment. Maybe I'll be back soon with an update and exciting stories as a reading mentor?

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