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From the office to nature - see the world through children's eyes

The first WWK team experienced a special Social Day full of commitment and warmth at the AWO Waldkindergarten.
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In mid-March, the time had finally come - the first WWK team experienced a special day full of commitment and warmth at the Social Day at the AWO Waldkindergarten near Munich. Daniela, one of the WWK brand ambassadors and a volunteer on the project, gives us an insight into her experiences and impressions, why exactly she took part in this commitment and what special moments she experienced.

Why did you participate in the project?

We decided on this project as a team because we wanted to do something positive together for children and senior citizens. The first suggestion from lets, to make the outdoor area ready for spring with the AWO Waldkindergarten, immediately appealed to us.

What did you like most about it?

It was great to see how we were able to prepare and build everything together with the children. Sharing this experience with the people for whom we ultimately implemented the project. There were perhaps a few reservations at the beginning, but after a short time these disappeared. Not only we, but also the children were very enthusiastic - you could really see life through children's eyes again.

I particularly liked the change of perspective, away from the office and desk and out into nature - a refreshing change. It was practical that, although some colleagues had brought their own tools, all the materials were already on site.

The added value that we were able to create locally through our commitment was clearly visible in the children's beaming eyes after the day. It was simply wonderful to see that our help really got through and made a difference. They were all delighted with the new world of play where they could let off steam and explore.

Can you share a special experience during the project that particularly impressed you?

A funny and also thought-provoking anecdote that stuck in my mind was when a girl asked my colleague whether girls could also work with tools. Because at home, it's really only dad who does that. She then explained to her with a smile that girls can of course also screw together mud kitchens and thus playfully strengthened the children's curiosity and openness to new experiences and possibilities - in this case to gender roles.

What did you maybe not like so much?

I can't say much about that - all in all it was a great experience!

3 words that best describe your volunteering experience?

A sense of purpose, fun and community.

What do you personally take away from the project?

As I had no experience of volunteering directly with people before this project, it was a really good introduction for me to see what opportunities are out there. I was able to get to know new perspectives and have become even more sensitive to the diverse situations of my fellow human beings, which are often overlooked in everyday life. For me, it was the best start to my personal journey into volunteering.

Sie möchten auch einen Social Day mit Ihren MitarbeiterInnen umsetzen und wissen nicht, wo Sie anfangen sollen? Schicken Sie uns einfach eine Nachricht. Wir unterstützen Sie gerne und organisieren Ihren Social Day für Sie und Ihre Mitarbeiter. Vielleicht ist auch eine ganze Social Week genau das richtige für Ihr Unternehmen? Hier erfahren Sie mehr über eine Woche voller guter Taten.

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