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The five biggest challenges of corporate volunteering

Five challenges companies must overcome for a successful corporate volunteering program.
Corporate Volunteering

Corporate volunteering has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. It offers numerous benefits for both the company and the community. But like any initiative, corporate volunteering has its challenges. Below are five challenges that companies must overcome in order to launch a successful corporate volunteering program.

1. find the right volunteer assignments

With countless volunteer opportunities available, it can be challenging for companies to choose the right ones. Companies need to find volunteer opportunities that align with their values and mission and that their employees find meaningful. In addition, the volunteer opportunities selected must be logistically feasible and safe for employees.

2. involve employees

While some employees may be willing to participate in corporate volunteering, others may need some convincing. Companies need to find ways to engage their employees and make volunteering a desirable activity. This can be achieved through incentives, recognition programs or by incorporating volunteering into the corporate culture.

3.ensuring the safety of employees

Employee safety should be a top priority in corporate volunteering. Companies must ensure that the volunteering opportunities they offer are safe for their employees. This includes providing adequate training and equipment and conducting risk assessments before volunteering.

4. time and resources

Corporate volunteering can be time and resource consuming. Companies must find ways to effectively manage their time and resources so that volunteering does not conflict with their primary business operations. This can be achieved through careful planning, scheduling volunteers, and using technology to streamline the process.

5. measurement of the effect

Finally, measuring the impact of corporate volunteering can be challenging. Companies need to find ways to measure and report the impact of their volunteering initiatives to stakeholders. This can be achieved through surveys, impact assessments, and tracking volunteer hours and employee engagement. Lets provides the optimal solution for this, aggregating all volunteer hours into one dashboard.


In summary, corporate volunteering can bring many benefits to companies and their communities. However, it is not without its challenges. Companies must find ways to overcome these challenges in order to create a successful corporate volunteering program that benefits everyone involved.

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