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The win-win situation: Why employers should grant their employees special leave for voluntary work

Granting special leave for voluntary work strengthens team spirit, promotes soft skills, improves the company image & retains employees.
Social sustainability

In today's business world, promoting social responsibility and engagement in the workplace - also known as corporate volunteering - has become an important issue. More and more employers are recognizing the benefits of offering their employees the opportunity to volunteer and are therefore granting special leave for this laudable endeavor. This win-win situation not only brings social benefits, but also has a positive impact on the company.

Promoting a sense of community:

When employers give their employees the opportunity to get involved in charitable causes, the sense of community within the company is strengthened. Employees who work together for a good cause develop a deeper understanding of each other and of the company's values.

Positive external impact:

that are committed to social engagement generally enjoy a positive public image. Customers, partners and the public appreciate it when companies take responsibility and actively contribute to the good of society. In the long term, this can be reflected in an improved corporate image and a loyal customer base.

Employee retention and motivation:

The opportunity to volunteer has a positive effect on employee retention. Employees who feel supported in their company are more likely to stay for the long term. In addition, the experience of volunteering increases employee motivation as they are able to contribute to a worthwhile cause. (You can use our personnel cost calculator to work out how much you could save due to more motivated employees)

Promotion of soft skills:

promotes a variety of soft skills that are also very useful in a professional context. Teamwork, communication skills, organizational skills and leadership qualities are just a few examples. Employees who develop these skills can also use them profitably within the company.


Team strengthening through diverse perspectives:

Volunteering enables employees to tackle challenges outside their usual professional environment. This can help to strengthen the team, as different perspectives and skills are brought in, which in turn promotes creative problem-solving.

In summary, employers who grant their employees special leave for volunteering not only make a positive contribution to society, but can also achieve numerous benefits for their company. Promoting social responsibility in the workplace creates a positive working environment, strengthens the corporate image and contributes to the personal and professional development of employees. It is an investment in a sustainable and responsible future for everyone involved.

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