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Employee survey: Corporate volunteering with lets

Users of the lets Corporate Volunteering platform were surveyed on topics such as employee satisfaction and corporate culture. Read the results.
Corporate Volunteering

Increase employee satisfaction and corporate culture: Why your company can also benefit from lets

In a dynamic business world, it is crucial to promote employee retention, engagement and a positive corporate culture. The results of a recent cross-company employee survey of all lets users show how a successful corporate volunteering program can help achieve these goals. The survey offers valuable insights into the positive impact of the program and illustrates why lets is worth introducing in your company as well, and serves as an inspiring template for organizations aiming for similar success.

High employee satisfaction and motivation

One outstanding result of the survey is the exceptionally high satisfaction rating for lets' corporate volunteering program. With an average rating of 8.5 out of 10, this high satisfaction reflects how effectively such programs can motivate and inspire employees. A comparably high level of satisfaction in your company could thus increase employee loyalty and encourage your team to become actively involved.

Results of the Corporate Volunteering employee survey

Positive effects on corporate culture

An impressive majority of 81.8% of employees agreed that lets' corporate volunteering program has a positive impact on the company culture. The majority of employees agreed that the program enriches the corporate culture and has a positive impact on the company. These results confirm that such programs not only strengthen employee loyalty, but also embody the company's values and goals. Implementing a similar program at your company could not only strengthen employee retention, but also foster a culture of engagement and social responsibility.

Willingness to recommend and employee satisfaction

The high willingness of employees to recommend lets' corporate volunteering program to their colleagues and friends is a clear indication of the success and acceptance of the program. With an approval rate of 87.0%, this shows how positive the employees' experience is and how much they believe others could benefit from this commitment. This speaks to the high level of satisfaction and trust employees have in the program.

Flexible time management and support for volunteer activities are important factors for success

The survey results also make it clear that the framework conditions for volunteer activities in the work context are extremely important. Over 90% of respondents are granted special leave for such activities, which underscores the flexibility and support companies have for employee engagement. Implementing similar special leave options in your company could not only increase employee engagement, but also strengthen your company's perception as a socially responsible company.

Employees Social Day Group Volunteers
Social Day at a nature conservation project

100%: Willingness to participate in social projects again

One significant result of the survey that should not be overlooked is the impressive fact that every single one of the employees surveyed who had already participated in social projects would get involved again. This undivided approval not only represents a milestone in terms of lets' success, but also illustrates with overwhelming clarity the enthusiastic response of employees to the corporate volunteering program. The result also emphasizes the lasting positive impact on employee retention, corporate culture and employees' emotional attachment to their organization. The willingness to participate in social projects again lays the foundation for a harmonious, cooperative and inspiring working environment in which employees feel valued and can develop their potential to the full.

Important factor in the job search

Furthermore, the results also show that over 30% of respondents think that the opportunity to be socially involved with their employer is a decisive or important factor when looking for a job. If we add those who see this as a good plus, we are at over 90%. This shows that companies can only benefit from offering their employees social engagement to present themselves as an attractive employer and attract more applicants.

Easy integration and user-friendliness of the platform

Last but not least, the survey results underline the user-friendliness of the lets platform. The majority of respondents find it easy to sign up for projects. This ease of use could be an important factor in encouraging your employees to get involved and making the process smooth.


The results of the employee survey at lets impressively show how a successful corporate volunteering program can have a positive impact on employee satisfaction, corporate culture and the company's image. The high level of employee satisfaction, the willingness to recommend the company to others, and the company's recognition of volunteer work are clear signs that such programs not only promote social commitment, but can also create a win-win situation for employees and the company. Implementing a corporate volunteering program like lets could thus make your company a more attractive employer and at the same time promote social responsibility and commitment among your employees.

Be inspired by lets experience and positively shape the future of your business.


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